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Alaia surfing with Remi Petersen

Alaia from Dirty Habits on Vimeo . Alaia surfing with Remi Petersen Alaia Surfing - The art a surfing a handcrafted piece of tree with no finns, channels or rocker Dirty Habits Boardriding Magazine Production Filmed and edited: Graham Howes Location: Jeffreys bay Song: Pumped Up Kick - Foster the People More video's check:  Http://dirtyhabits.org Follow them on facebook:  facebook.com/Dirtyhabitsmagazine
Sarah Lee's photography: http://www.flickr.com/photos/clashed/6739223827/

Byron Bay Surf Festival 2012. Belly boards & alaia odyssey

T om Wegener has been at the center of the alaia movement. “Tom Wegener’s odyssey with the rebirth of the alaia has led down a path back in history that gets bigger and more travelled the further back it goes.  Tom  will discuss the vibrant belly board movement that went around the world 100 years ago. The little wood body board has been the centre of surfing for a very long time.  Now, with the discovery of Paulownia wood we can make really good belly boards and experience this super fun style of surfing.  Then Tom will discuss the more in depth aqua dynamics of the alaia and how flex, edges and gentle curves work together to hold the wood into a steep wave’s face.” http://www.byronbaysurffestival.com/portfolio/belly-boards-alaia-odyssey-by-tom-wegener/