Mostrando entradas de diciembre, 2011

Paipo trip

Day one Start of the trip and a new spot. This board was made by Chris Garrett on specifications supplied by Larry Goddard, the creator of the design. The board is based on Larry's Makaha Master design. Although designed as a twin fin it is being ridden finless. Footage taken by John Kovar. Day two Surfing includes David Guy and John Kovar on malaroo made by John. BG is riding a Galera nofin paipo. Fun can be had even on real small days. Day three Biggest and cleanest day. The board being ridden is a Nofin paipo made by John Galera of Hawaii. Footage taken by John Kovar.

Pierre Louis Costes

Pierre Louis Costes Hawaii

Jokin Argote en Marruecos

Jokin Argote en Marruecos con una Tom Wegener alaia.