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Sesion de shapeo de Alaia en la ISPO de Donostia dias 6 al 9 de Febrero de 2011..

 Una marca nueva de surf de Donosti estará presentando su colección en la próxima ISPO. Harán un evento en vivo donde mostraran el proceso de creación de una Alaia en conjunto con Hiddenwood.

Me encantara ir a la reunión,!!! mas datos abajo:


Head Office
Calle de Narrica, 1
20003 San Sebastian (Donosti)

Sergio Penzo - General Enquiries

Jan Groenendijlk - Central Europe



Riding an Alaia (a Hawaiian ancestral surfboard) is the closest a surfer can be to the natural environment.
Non to say its a very environmental friendly board. It comes from plantation grown trees, often organi-
cally grown. Manufacturing uses a minimal amount of fossil energy and the glue used by Hiddenwood is
based on natural by products.
The craftmanship behind the shape of an Alaia is of maximum importance. Each millimeter of roll,
concave, thickness and curve makes a world of difference of how the board rides. It is the passion for
details, the love for craftmanship and connection to the environment, that brings together TWOTHIRDS
and Hiddenwood in this exciting live event. It will be happening at ISPO on February 7th, 17:00, hall A2,
booth 124.

The dedication to the ocean has blended into every aspect of our company so we are constantly looking
for ways of reducing our impact. For example one of the biggest problems is that our oceans are tur-
ning into giant landfills of plastic so we have replaced the polyester bags that are commonly used today
throughout the fashion industry with an innovative bag developed by a laboratory in England that dissol-
ves completely into water without leaving any harmful residues.

Also the paper we use is made out of recycled algae that would otherwise clog up the Venice lagoon. But
our biggest commitment is reflected with the donation of 10% of our proceeds to Oceana (oceana.org), the
worlds biggest organization dedicated to protecting and preserving our oceans.

p. 2/2

Our collection comes from our need to speak to the surfer living in European cities. So when we are
designing our lines we pull out from what we wear as well as what we love. The collection reflects our
closeness to the ocean and our surfing lifestyle but also the sophistication of San Sebastian and its sur-
roundings, the city, the art, architecture, food, and the people. So our brand has appealed to all sort’s of
customers. From the hardcore surfer to the high-end fashion crowd.

The love for craftsmanship, attention to detail and a puristic approach to surfing are the concepts that
inspired the fall/winter 2011 Collection. We approached every piece in the collection with the passion of a
craftsman and marveled at the infinite possibilities that lay ahead.

The upcoming collection includes tees, shirts, jackets, chinos, and premium knits made of organic cotton,
chlorine free merino and cashmere. Together with the Cashmere Series, one of our most rewarding pro-
jects was developing a bag made from used fishing nets. The Saco Duffel Bag reminds us that anything is
possible and that we must never stop seeking new and creative ways to protect our oceans. They are our
reason for being.

web: www.twothirds.com
blog: http://blog.2thirds.com
community: www.facebook.com/twothirds


Nous serons présent sur le salon de l'ISPO à Munich du 6 au 9 février dans le cadre d'une collab avec la marque espagnole de San Sébastien TWOTHIRDS avec qui nous travaillons depuis plusieurs mois sur divers projets.
Une demo de shape d'alaia se déroulera le lundi 7 à 17h sur le stand de TWOTHIRDS et nos alaias et handplanes seront exposés durant toute la durée du salon.

TWOTHIRDS est une marque de textile qui travaille en relation avec l'océan et la protection de l'environnement sur l'ensemble de leurs produits,distribution et promotion grâce à une production coton bio, des emballages totalement biodégradables et 10% de leurs bénéfices reversés à Oceana (oceana.org), le tout avec passion et créativité.

allez voir leur travail qui vaut le détour:


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