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Offtopic Unwinding a roll of film on a Zenit Camera

The types of rewind on Zenit cameras

Please note that this list is far from complete and that the term type is merely used to make reading easier. Some camerastypes can, due to their extremely long production runs, have several types of rewind (zenit 11 and ET).

Type 1

Used in; E, B, 3M, Krystall

First turn the inner knob on your leftbutton (lightmeter settings are on the outer rings). The knob will pop up. Then press the button on the right of the speed dial and keep it pressed while you are rewinding the film with the knob. After you have rewound the film put back the knob and make a couple of dry exposures without film.

Type 2

Used in; Zenit, Zenit-C, 3, EM, ET, BM, TTL, 10, 11

Turn the collar around the shutterbutton downwards, all the way down is rewind. Then simple rewind with the left button which either pops up like the type 1 or is a lever that folds out. When done turn the collar up again make a few test shots without film to make sure the release has been stopped. (usually 2 shots)

Type 3

Used in; 11, 12 (all variations), 122 (some models), some ET's

Press the shutter speed button downwards to 'T' setting, cover the lens, because this will fire the shutter if the camera is cocked. Then use your nail or a screwdriver or something to press down the aluminium ring around the shutter release button. Keep the collar down while you rewind the film using the lever on the leftbutton of the camera (where the isosettings are).

Please note that on some later models of the 12 and the 122 the collar clicks in place and stays down during rewind. But NOT on all models.

After rewind put the shutterbutton back in the original position and take a few shots without film to make sure the release has been stopped. (usually 2 shots)

Type 4

Zenit 18, 19 (prototypes 20, 21) Press the blue button next to the advance lever, rewind with the lever that folds out on the left. Keep the button pressed down during rewind.

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